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DZ Aquatic Center

108 Cunningham Ave

Cannon AFB, NM 88103

P: 575-784-2910

DSN: 681-2910

The pool falls under Outdoor Rec. If you are unable to reach the pool or have questions outside of pool operating hours, contact Outdoor Rec. (575)784-2773.





DZ Aquatic Center
Welcome to the Daniel Zerbe Aquatic Center at Cannon Air Force Base!


What is the capacity?
*Capacity varies daily dependent upon staffing; please check with a staff member at the front desk.*

Do you have lifejackets?
DZ Aquatic Center does NOT carry lifejackets, puddle jumpers, goggles, towels, or sunscreen for patron use.

What are the rules for the slide/diving board?
*Our rules are posted throughout the facility.
Slide rules: Children must be at least 48" tall, be wearing a lifejacket, or a guardian must be in the water to catch the child.
Patrons must go down feet FIRST
One patron at a time on the slide and the top platform.

Diving board rules:
Children 11 and under must pass the swim test before using the boards.
No more than two (2) bounces [This prevents safety hazards] Backflips/Gainers are permitted at the discretion of the lifeguard on stand.
One patron on the diving board at a time, all others must wait on the deck (not climbing the ladder).
*All rules must be followed at all times, otherwise staff may ask the child/guardian to stop use of the slide/boards.*

Do you offer lap swim?
We do NOT offer a separate time for lap swim this year. Lap swim can be completed through the use of the new CFAC facility located across from the Fitness Center. However, we do have one (1) lap lane available for use throughout the day [Limited to two (2) patrons at a time]

** Please see staff members at front desk for any questions/concerns about the facility**

Management has the right to refuse/revoke service to patrons who appear to exhibit any clear illness or open wounds. Patrons who cannot follow the instructions of the lifeguards may be asked to leave the facility.

We look forward to seeing you on your next visit!

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