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Renewal/replacement of retiree and dependent ID cards can now be accomplished Online!



The MPF Customer Support Section (DEERS/ID CARDS) is open 7:30 am – 1:00 pm for walk-ins and 1:00 pm – 3 pm for appointments only Monday through Friday. The MPF is located at 110 E Alison Ave Bldg 600, rm 2037, Clovis AFB, NM 88101. The MPF will be closed on the first (1st) Friday of each month, all Federal Holidays and on the following dates for CY18:

  • Friday, November 9, 2018
  • Friday, November 23, 2018
  • Monday, December 24, 2018
  • Monday, December 31, 2018


MPF Customer Support

Members can make an appointment for CAC, Dependent/Retirement ID Cards or DEERS updates HERE. Please see front desk for guidance in addition to instructions below.



Proper identification is required for all transactions. To be issued any ID card, 2 forms of unexpired identification are required for adults, one of which must be a current photo ID. CHILDREN under 18 years of age, only one form of ID is needed. (Ex. SSAN card, Birth certificate, school ID or current military ID card).


Renewal of CAC /ID Cards

Renewal of CAC/ID cards must be within 30 days prior to the expiration date. (Exception: Deploying Members with orders whose expiration date is within the dates of the deployment)


Lost/Stolen OR Confiscated CAC/ID Cards

If you lost your CAC/ID card, you will need two forms of ID. For lost/stolen CAC/ID cards, you will need the following items below in addition to 2 forms of identification, one of which must be an unexpired photo ID:

  • Police report
  • Letter or memorandum from the individual's Commander or the First Sergeant.


Contractors For CAC/ID card

Ensure your Trusted Agent (TA) has you in the CVS system. Contractors must have TWO (unexpired) forms of ID. One must be a state/government issued photo ID. If going overseas, please ensure you have your current (within 30 days) LOA.

**If this is your First CAC/ID card, please ensure you have arrangements to access the installation. Any documents must be Original/Certified. Photocopies are NOT acceptable.**


Military Retirees

Initial Requirement: Retirement Orders * Reserve/National Guard Retirees: Orders/Letter transferring to Retired List and authorizing retired pay. If Medicare eligible, the Medicare Card along with the two (unexpired) forms of ID.


Turning 65 - TRICARE For Life. If you are turning 65 years old and will be on TRICARE for Life, you must provide your Medicare card showing Part A along with TWO (unexpired) forms of ID.


Civilian Retirees

Civilians retiring must have SF Form 50 and have TWO (unexpired) forms of ID (No Badges). One must be a state/government issued photo ID. **Documents must be Original/Certified. Photocopies are NOT acceptable.**

Civilian Employees (Overseas Position) Provide DD Form 2365, SF Form 50 annotating that person is assigned to an Overseas Emergency Essential Position, and two (unexpired) forms of ID (no badges). One must be a state/government issued photo ID.


Military Retiree/Dependent ID Card Renewal/Replacement


*Widows/100% DAV/Initial Enrollment do not fall under the Online ID card renewal process.*



For step-by-step visual instructions, use this link:




For Military Retiree Renewal/Replacements and ALL Dependent Renewal/Replacement ID Cards

Step 1: Fill out the Retiree & Dependent ID Card Renewal Application.




Step 2: For Dependent ID Cards ONLY, Retirees proceed to Step 3

Sponsor Certify the DD Form 1172 online:

Have the sponsor (CAC holder or Retirees can create a DS log-on) access the DMDC website to certify the DD Form 1172 for the dependent who is renewing his/her ID card via the following link: DMDC website.

Once logged into DMDC, click "Replace ID Card" under appropriate Family Member. The system will notify you once the DD Form 1172 has been successfully submitted.


• Step 3. Submit Pictures of Retiree or Dependent and 2 Supporting IDs via AMRDEC SAFE.

  • Open AMRDEC SAFE and submit the following documents to
  • 1. Two Supporting Identifications (2 forms of unexpired ID with the EXACT same name, front only) To view Unacceptable & Acceptable photos proceed to link: INSERT LINK TO ACCEPTABLE ID LIST
  • 2. A Photo of Retiree or Dependent that has been taken within 7 days of submission (shoulders up, white/off white background. Please ensure the photo is clear and there is no glare on the member’s face. Member should not have glasses on, hair in the face, or a hat/glasses on their head).










  • 3. Completed “Application to Renew” form
  • 4. If ID card was lost or stolen, you must also upload a Police Report from Security Forces stating the lost/stolen ID card was reported.


The ID card will be ready for pick up in 3 business days. Must bring the original two supporting identifications used to create the ID card with you upon pick-up. The sponsor is not required to be present for Dependent ID card pick-up. Please ensure that you provide correct information on the Dependent Renewal Application (Ex. DoD ID/SSN) for fast service.



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