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The family-friendly fitness room allows parents and their children to spend more time together and be involved in fitness activities as a family.


Now, mommy and daddy have one less excuse to skip the gym.  The Fitness and Sports Center is home to a bigger and improved Family Fitness Room.  The new fitness room has been through various stages of construction to incorporate suggested quality of life improvements to the facility.


The family room has nearly doubled in size and walls of windows were installed to allow an for natural light.  A  special section has been designated a children's play area.  The space is lined with floor mats and event includes a slide and clubhouse.  A flat screen TV has been mounted to the wall facing the children's play area where the children can be entertained by kid movies or programs.  An array of exercise equipment lines in the room including treadmills, elliptical machines, a stair climber and weight lifting gear.  Though the room is already functional, it will continue to change.


Parents are encouraged to bring their children's favorite toys, books or movies from home.


"We're working with suggestions from Cannon's Air Commandos and going from there," said Staff Sgt. Morgan Grebens, 27th Special Operations Force Support Squadron fitness center specialist. "The fitness center has set up new children's play equipment and an Airmen will be drawing a mural on the wall. We are trying to transform the room into a more colorful and enjoyable place for the kids, making it more appealing, so the parents can workout a bit longer."


Although the room is geared more for toddlers and school-age children, parents may bring their infants as long as they are in a carrier.  This will ensure safety for all patrons using the exercise room.


The idea to improve the existing family room was presented by a community member during a monthly 'Quality of Life' meeting.





The newly transformed family work out center provides the perfect location for parents to work out while still keeping an eye on their children at Cannon Air Force Base, N.M.


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