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   Job Opportunities

The following jobs are available at Cannon AFB.  For a complete job description, eligibility requirements or to apply online visit



For more information contact the Civilian Human Resource Office, (575) 784-4848.






The following NAF jobs are available at Cannon AFB.  For a job description or to apply online visit




- Child and Youth Program Assistants, Child Development Center

- Child and Youth Program Assistants, Youth Programs

- Library Aid, Cannon Library

- Maintenance Worker, Caprock Inn

- Custodial Worker Housekeeper, Caprock Inn

- Custodial Worker Janitor, Caprock Inn

- Recreation Aid, Community Center

- Recreation Aid, Base Theater

- Cook, Cannon Lanes

- Food Service Worker, Cannon Lanes

- Recreation Assistant, Cannon Lanes

- Recreation Aid, Cannon Lanes

- Operations Assistant, Landing Zone & Tailgate Sports Lounge

- Cashier, Landing Zone & Tailgate Sports Lounge

- Cook, Landing Zone & Tailgate Sports Lounge

- Food Service Worker, Landing Zone & Tailgate Sports Lounge

- Bartender, Landing Zone & Tailgate Sports Lounge

- Maintenance, Landing Zone & Tailgate sports Lounge

- Lifeguard, Outdoor Recreation


For more information contact the NAF Human Resource Office,

(575) 784-2622.



The Civilian Personnel Office provides personnel guidance to Cannon AFB supervisors, civil service employees and those seeking civil service employment. In addition to providing information regarding hiring eligibilities, classification of position descriptions, information on Workers Compensation, on-the-job injuries, leave, discipline, civilian awards, and labor relations. All job recruitment announcements are posted USAJobs,



NAF Employment

NAF employment is considered federal employment. It is, however, different from federal civil service employment because the monies used to pay the salaries of NAF employees come from a different source. Civil service positions are paid for by money appropriated by Congress. NAF money, on the other hand, is self-generated by Air Force clubs, bowling centers, golf courses, and other activities that use NAF employees.  All available NAF jobs are listed at


We have two types of NAF positions: "flexible" and "regular." Flexible employees have work schedules that depend on the needs of the activity. These employees may work a minimum of zero hours to a maximum of 40 hours per week, and do not receive benefits. Regular employees work between 20 and 40 hours a week depending on position requirements, and are entitled to receive benefits.


NAF Benefits

Employees with regular appointments are eligible for the following benefits and compensation: Health and life insurance, awards, retirement plan, 401(k), annual leave, sick leave, military leave, administrative leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, and court leave, overtime pay, holiday pay, Sunday premium pay, shift differential, workers' compensation, and unemployment compensation.


Employees with flexible appointments are eligible for the following benefits and compensation: Overtime pay, shift differential, awards, workers' compensation, and unemployment compensation.


Generally, all Services programs may be used by individuals who contribute to the Air Force mission. Listed are some of the programs available to you as an employee at Cannon AFB.

          - Cannon Lanes

          - Outdoor Recreation

          - Whispering Winds Golf Course

          - Auto Skills Center

          - Fitness & Sports Center

          - Youth Programs

          - Child Development Center & Family Child Care

          - Landing Zone & Drop Zone

          - Cannon Library

          - Caprock Inn

          - Community Center


Services Career Program

The AIr Force NAF Services Career Program (herein referred to as the Career Program) deals with three areas of the civilian work force; the career executive force (those currently working in Career Program covered positions); the general work force (those eligible for referral to Career Program positions); and the Management Trainee (those in entry level, development positions managed by the Career Program).


The Air Force NAF Services Career Program is chartered by the Services Policy Council to identify, develop, employ and retain men and women with the skills necessary to satisfy current and future Air Force requirements. The Services Policy Council, made up of civilian members (both NAF and appropriated fund (APF) functionalists and civilian personnel advisors), provides management policy and direction.


Career Program Positions

The NAF Career Program centrally manages the following NF-IV and above positions.

          - Club Managers

          -  Assistant Club Managers

          -  Name Brand Restaurant Managers

          -  Golf Course Managers

          -  Assistant Golf Course Managers

          - Golf Course Superintendents

          - Bowling Center Managers

          - Assistant Bowling Center Managers

          - Lodging Managers & Assistant Managers

          - Air Force Services Agency (AFSVA) and Major Commands (MAJCOM)


Apply for Career Program Positions

Applicants may apply for Career Program vacancies by registering and downloading their resume and documents at Career Program vacancies are open to all US citizens. Active duty military members are eligible for referral 60 days prior to the start of terminal leave.



The Military Personnel Section (MPS) is located in Building 600 on the 2nd floor at 110 Alison Ave, Cannon AFB, New Mexico.  The office is open Monday to Friday for walk-ins between 7:30 AM and 1 PM.  Appointments are scheduled Monday to Friday during the hours of 1 PM and 3 PM.  If you would like to make an appointment please call (575) 784-7290 for Career Development,
(575)784-4981 for Force Management, and (575) 784-4933 for customer support.  Military members can make an appointment for CAC/Independent ID cards or DEERS updates online at MPS office is closed for Federal Days and during Wing Safety Days.



Manpower provides Commanders/Managers at all organizational levels the tools to identify manpower requirements and how to effectively/efficiently utilize their resources to accomplish the Air Force mission.   Manpower conducts special studies, performs civilian personal action and contract reviews, and maintains resources through authorization change requests (ACR) and organization change request (OCR).

   Contact Info

Civilian Personnel Office

110 Alison

Suite 2038

Cannon AFB, NM 88103

P: 575-784-4848

DSN: 681-4848


NAF Human Resources

110 Alison

Suite 2038

Cannon AFB, NM 88103

P: 575-784-2622

DSN: 681-2622


Military Personnel Section

110 Alison

Suite 2027

Cannon AFB, NM 88103

P: 575-784-4933

DSN: 681-4933


Manpower & Organization

110 Alison

Suite 2028

Cannon AFB, NM 88103

P: 575-784-4460

DSN: 681-4460

   Hours of Operation

Civilian Personnel Office

Monday - Friday

7 AM - 4 PM

Closed Federal Holidays


NAF Human Resources

Monday - Friday

7 AM - 4 PM

Closed Federal Holidays


Military Personnel Flight


Walk-Ins: 7:30 AM - 1 PM

Appt Only: 1 PM - 3 PM

For an appointment call:

Career Development, 575-784-7290

Force Management, 575-784-4981

Customer Support, 575-784-4933

Members click here to make an appointment for CAC/Dependent ID Cards or DEERS updates.

Closed Federal Holidays

Closed Safety Days


Manpower & Organization

Monday - Friday

7 AM - 4:30 PM

Closed Federal Holidays

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