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Welcome to Cannon Air Force Base

Welcome to Cannon Air Force Base, home of the Special Operations Air Force Base!  Cannon AFB is located six miles west of Clovis and 19 miles north of Portales, New Mexico.  Approximately 5,000 military members are currently stationed at the Special Operations base.  More than 20,000 persons make up the entire Cannon community which includes active duty, civil service and NAF employees, contractors, dependents, and retirees.


About 27th Special Operations Force Support Squadron


The 27 SOFSS provides superior force support to over 6,500 air commandos and their families, and close to 6,000 retirees.  Support services and activities include Manpower and Personnel Flight (MPF), Sustainment Services Flight, Airman and Family Services Flight, Force Development Flight, and Community Services Flight.


More than 400 military and civilian Force Support Squadron employees work hard each day to take care of the Airman and their families at Cannon AFB.  In addition, 27 SOFSS also provides support to the civil service and NAF employees, contractors and retirees that work or visit the base.


The mission of the 27 SOFSS is to enable Air Commando combat readiness through unrivaled combat support and community service.


Food, Fitness, Family and Fun  Your assignment to Cannon has earned you the right to utilize the services provided by the Force Support Squadron.  In fact, this entitlement is extended to all military members and their families, DoD civilian employees, retirees and contractors who have Department of Defense ID cards.  In other words, you and your family can enjoy the special events and programs the 27SOFSS has to offer including the base library, lodging, child development centers, community center, base theater, base pool, fitness center, bowling center, skills development center, golf course, the Clubs, family child care, outdoor recreation, and dining facilities.  The Base Training and Education Center, Airman & Family Readiness Center and Military Personnel Service also provide support to military members and their dependents.


Activities and programs hosted by the Force Support Squadron include Airman & Family Readiness Center, Auto Skills Center, Cannon Lanes, Cannon Library, Caprock Inn, Child Development Centers, Civilian Personnel Office, Community Center, Base Theater, Base Training and Education Center, Family Child Care, Fitness & Sports Center, Honor Guard, NAF Human Resources, Landing Zone, Tailgate Sports Lounge, Marketing & Commercial Sponsorship, MPS Customer Service, Outdoor Recreation, Pecos Trail Dining Facility, Resource Management, Whispering Winds Golf Course, and the Youth Center.


FSS has something to offer for everyone!  From fitness and sporting activities like golf, tennis, bowling, swimming, and intramural sports to child development programs including day care, special care, enrichment programs and youth programs to education services to outdoor adventures such as horseback riding, skiing, fishing, hiking, boating, and snowboarding to  entertainment events like concerts, magicians, comedy acts, dances to  community and family events such as the annual Easter egg hunt, talent competitions, and Cannon Appreciation Day.


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Reaching Your Target Market

Cannon AFB has a diverse community, ranging from new airmen to retirees, all age levels of family members, and civilian employees.  If you’re interested in reaching the Cannon family and watching your business grow, then call or visit the Marketing and Commercial Sponsorship office today.  The Marketing & Commercial Sponsorship Office is located in building 600 at 110 Alison Ave, Suite 2025.  Please call the marketing director at (575) 784-6623 or  DSN 681-6623.



27th Special Operations Wing Commander
        Col Stewart Hammons
27th Special Operations Mission Support Group Commander
        Col John Boudreaux

27th Special Operations Force Support Squadron Commander

        Lt Col Michael Stone

27th Special Operations Force Support Squadron Deputy Commander
        Ms. Kathy Hubbell (Acting)

27th Special Operations Force Support Director of Marketing & Commercial Sponsorship   Ms. Allyson Mis

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